Often in as little as 28 days a decision can be reached in a construction dispute via adjudication. Making an informed choice by partnering with the right team to prepare your adjudication documents is key to a successful outcome.

To reach a favourable decision within such challenging timeframes it is essential to ensure that your appointed adjudicator is not only experienced but also respected.

At MPG members of adjudication team are not only qualified practitioners, they are also registered with the appointing bodies, both equally experienced and trained.

The international landscape has changed so significantly with the adoption and use of adjudication across many jurisdictions, at MPG we are constantly abreast of this changing and challenging interpretation of judgements and case law.

It has become accepted that proceeding to adjudication can be expensive. There is the cost of representing you, preparing your claim and then the cost of the Adjudicator’s fee.

Whilst the Adjudicator’s fee can be substantial, our experience shows that in the case of large value disputes, the fee charged is more often than not reasonable and in proportion with the amount in dispute. The advent of The Low Value Model Adjudication Procedure (“LVDMAP”) introduced by the Construction Industry Council (“CIC”), and adopted by most adjudicator nominating bodies such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (“RICS”), provides capped fees for adjudicators on a sliding scale for lower value disputes.

This is a welcome attempt to provide a process for ensuring that the adjudicator’s fee is not prohibitive to parties wishing to refer lower value disputes to adjudication. We believe this will both encourage and assist smaller contracting organisations to resolve construction disputes through the adjudication process and may pave the way for further initiatives of this type in the future.

As the costs of representation can be high, in some cases we are able to offer a damages based agreement the agreed fee is contingent on the success of the case and is determined as a percentage of the compensation received by the client.

If this type of agreement sounds of interest, please give us a call on the office number or mobile 07703 599446.