Audience attending Michael Gallucci's presentation at CQSA, featuring MPGQS logo, with a focus on construction surveying and industry expertise

Michael Gallucci at CQSA: Navigating Construction Challenges & Future Trends

On 19th January, Michael Gallucci is to present to a group of experienced Director/Partner level Quantity Surveyor Professionals, who are members of the CQSA.

The CQSA, established in 1946, serves as a forum where the interests of QS professionals can be represented with a collective voice. Long established in association with the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the CQSA has evolved to embrace new project structures and imperatives, adopting a broader ‘commercial management’ perspective and acknowledging that the profession has adapted to contemporary commercial management practices.

From his perspective as a Quantum Expert, Michael will share case studies and anecdotes exemplifying how construction projects can go wrong due to poor planning and inadequate preparation, often leading to conflict and dispute. His presentation will cite case law by way of illustration.

The CQSA meets regularly for convivial lunches and refreshments at The Farmer’s Club in Whitehall. Michael, Principal at MPGQS and like members of the CQSA, is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, an RICS Accredited Mediator, and a Quantum Expert Witness, holding a Masters in International Arbitration and Construction Law (LLM).

No doubt, there will also be ‘interesting’ and provocative discussions about current developments at RICS.


Michael Gallucci

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