High quality solutions

At MPG, the broad engineering expertise of our staff means we can provide you with high quality engineering solutions within your environmental, budgetary, aesthetic and time constraints. We apply our analysis, design and management skills in a development-wide context based on your needs and objectives.

For each main element of environmental engineering systems, we are able to design reports on the initial options for evaluation by the team, considering functionality and cost. We gather comments from all parties involved and develop the preferred options by producing detailed feasibility studies. Our objective is to produce a scheme design that is already value engineered. This is reviewed throughout the project to assess whether the assumptions that led to a chosen option are still valid. The design reports from the initial and subsequent stages record how, why and when decisions were made.

We are always happy to take part in workshop exercises throughout the project lifetime to value engineer the scheme as the relationship of the structure with other elements develops. We open up our internal review procedure to your project team, and we value their contribution as the scheme develops.

We believe the value engineering process should continue through the appointment of package subcontractors. We discuss detailed items of construction, drawing on the subcontractor’s experience to achieve possible time or cost savings, even at later stages of the project. Our team members provide valuable contributions in both these areas, drawing on our wide experience of construction.

Within the constantly changing environment of the contracting process, we can draw upon a full range of highly qualified and experienced consultants with leading edge skills in the investigation and analysis of money claims and the analysis of the true causes and effects of delay and disruption. In these kinds of scenarios, our services cover

Advise on, and assist in, the formulation, preparation and submission of notices, applications and records
Provide guidance on the heads and basis of claims including the evaluation process
Preliminary investigation into the merits of the case at the outset
Provide advice and written opinion on legal and commercial support for the claim
Advise on the best course of action for the earliest and most satisfactory resolution of the dispute
Prepare documentation for use in the dispute including stating the contractual position, preparing programmes for analytical and presentational purposes, schedules, analysis of cause and effect and relevant particulars
Research and deal with issues that arise during attempts to resolve the matter
Undertake and advise about negotiations and tactics for the successful compromise of differences
Provide advice to our clients at each stage as to the prospects for success