The future of Biomass boilers has created some speculation due the recent change to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in March this year.

With the ever-growing conscious domestic consumer looking to reduce their environmental impact, Air Source’s energy efficiency and increased performance creates the perfect solution in providing sustainable energy. Compared with expensive installation costs and the requirement for a lot of space, we believe the future is Air Source.

The 15-20 year lifespan of ASHP’s (air source heat pumps) offers unquestionable longevity in comparison to the average 8-12 year lifespan of Biomass. With no manual fuel loading and the connectivity to integrate with existing heating and cooling systems, along with the added benefit of having these installed externally, means they do not take up space inside the house.

The benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps it that they offer sustainability as well as affordability compared to traditional Biomass boilers. The amount of electricity used for ASHP’s is minimal in comparison to the amount of heat produced and therefore can help save on overall heating bills and are more energy efficient than conventional fuel systems.

ASHP’S are no louder than a standard dishwasher and improve air quality by filtering out allergens and decreasing humidity. They are also extremely safe as there is no combustion involved and no emission of potentially dangerous gases. Segmenting your home into heated zones can support your home in becoming more energy efficient; some ASHPs can also be used as cooling systems in the summer.

Delivering High Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP), a Low Carbon Footprint and low maintenance, we predict Air source will experience a rapid growth, mostly driven by RHI and will become the future of home heating.

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