We were excited to have recently attended the Luxury Property Forum event where we learnt from leading experts in the luxury property industry and networked with talented multi disciplines.

The consensus across all domains was that summer had been productive although various concerns were being highlighted regarding interest rates rising sharply affecting mortgage rates and subcontractors. Mortgage rates changing rapidly has become an issue as clients are expected to sign for these within 24 hours as well as submitting requested paperwork in that time.

Subcontractors have been feeling the affects of industry global pressures leading to contracts ending and fees being disputed, highlighting the necessity of dispute resolution expertise within the business.
We were grateful that Kevin McGloin at Appleyard & Trew spoke about his professional relationship with our Managing Director Michael Gallucci and explained how his skills and expertise in dispute resolution are increasingly in demand.

Recapitulating the event, we learned that whilst some organisations were diversifying, others have been restricting on current models. However, all attendees agreed that although current times have been unpredictable stability is resuming as the holiday season draws to an end.

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