As an often-successful prior step to potential actions through arbitration adjudication or claim, the motivations to use mediation are many and varied and include a perception that the costs of dispute resolution will be reduced, and settlement will be achieved more quickly and more closely to the point when the dispute arises.

At MPG we offer mediation as a forum to all parties that allows control and flexibility of the process; confidentiality and ‘without prejudice’ principles, and very often the protection of future working relationships between the parties can be retained.

In construction, conflict can arise between parties from assumptions made about the appropriate behaviour by individuals in particular situations. Different people have different expectations and different values. Many conflicts arise when the significance of one party is not properly recognised by the other. At MPG our role as mediators is to develop an understanding of the different dimensions to the conflict and find ways to bridge the divide.

Since the Jackson Reforms and the Woolf Report prior, the overriding objective to reduce litigation cost and the time to resolve disputes has meant that the courts actively encourage the use of mediation as an alternative to litigation.

At MPG our expert mediators will advise you on the many steps available to settle disputes amicably, fairly and promptly.